Volunteer Collier, a volunteer matching program of the United Way of Collier County, and Greater Naples Leadership, a masters program that prepares proven leaders for service to the community, have joined forces to help make Volunteer Collier the single source for volunteer opportunities in Collier County.

Greater Naples Leadership (GNL) receives many requests annually for its members to fulfill executive level opportunities at local nonprofits.  These requests will now be relayed to Volunteer Collier (VC).  The requesting nonprofit will be able to indicate that a GNL member is sought on the VC website.  In addition these requests will be collected on a single page of the website for GNL members to access and consider.

Volunteer Collier was established in 2008 and now has nearly 200 non-profit agencies listing their volunteer needs on its website. Hundreds of volunteers have found their way to the many opportunities offered. In addition to matching local volunteers with nonprofits, it provides marketing and promotional assistance to those agencies seeking volunteers.  It is the age of the internet and anyone who wants to explore the volunteer opportunities can now do so by going to their website, www.volunteercollier.org.

Greater Naples Leadership is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year. Membership is a sought-after experience for new residents as a way to quickly educate themselves with the facts and circumstances of life in Collier County. Its members, of the “give back” mentality, use GNL  as a springboard to hit the ground running when they complete the program.  Some have founded important local nonprofits and civic organizations; others serve as board chairs or directors.

Don Scott, the founder of Volunteer Collier, has since joined United Way of Collier County’s Board of Directors and serves as Volunteer Collier’s Chair, where with the aid of its dedicated board members continues to grow this amazing program. Funding from the United Way of Collier County, corporations, individual donors, and the Community Foundation has allowed Volunteer Collier to integrate and further develop into a key source for volunteerism.

To volunteer or learn more about Volunteer Collier contact ann.bares@uwcollier.org and/or make a donation go to www.uwcollier.org.