GNL members were in attendance at a Sea Level Rise seminar at the County Commission meeting room October 17.  Four panelists representing FGCU, a reinsurance company and two east coast Florida communities provided an enlightening and sobering commentary on the effects of sea level rise in our community and how other communities are addressing this real-time issue.  FGCU is leading a three-year study with the US Geological Survey that will study sea level rise vulnerabilities and how to address them.  Officials from Coral Gables and Miami Beach shared how their communities have mapped the impact of sea level rise and how structures vital to the community (i.e., schools, hospitals, police and fire service) will be impacted.  Miami Beach has a tax that is being used to raise streets while not adversely affecting the homes and buildings that parallel the streets.  City and county leaders sponsoring the seminar indicated that this is the beginning of needed discussions to address and plan for the impact of sea level rises on the SW Florida coast that has risen 1.3 inches since Hurricane Wilma in 2005.  Look for the next seminar next year.