Class XIX at Retreat Day

Class XIX at Retreat Day

The 40 members of Class XIX began their year with Retreat Day on October 15 and participated in History Day on October 22.  The Class XVIII Session Day Teams and the Class Leadership Team have been working for months to prepare informative sessions, with expert speakers and behind-the-scenes opportunities that reveal the current issues and volunteer opportunities in Collier County.

In March, Class XIX met for the first time at the Naples Sailing & Yacht Club for their Orientation Luncheon. Members of the class impressed the Class Leadership Team (CLT) with their personal interaction with one another and their questions regarding the Masters Class and GNL.

We welcome the members of Masters Class XIX and thank their sponsors for their role in our membership process.

[contributed by Rick Jennewine, Class XIX Chair]

Masters Class XIX Members and Sponsors

Patricia Aiken-O’Neill ~ Marsha Murphy
Suzan Bergland ~ Rick Edson
Margaret Blackburn ~ Sondra Quinn
Richard Blackburn ~ Hal Smith
Peter Bos ~ Richard Munro
Arlette Bradley ~ Beverly Metcalf
Margaret Klapperich Brodeur ~ Mary Cooper
Florence Corsello ~ Mary Lynn Myers
Julie Domenick ~ Self-sponsored
Mary-Vance Duggan ~ Vianda Hill
Robert Eoff ~ Bill Brock
Ronald  Ferguson ~ Vi Steffan
Bruce Finley ~ Art Lottes
Sandra Fleming ~ Dana Vannoy
Jane Graham ~ Barbara Teaford
Ellen P. Granger ~ Vi Steffan
Charles Huffman ~ Torrey Foster
Mary Ellen Kaplan ~ Mary Angela Smith
John Kenny ~ John Lyngaas
Peter Ladell ~ Tom Dunne
John Lawson ~ Glenn Haughie
Eleanor Leach ~ Lee Willis
Thomas J. Lear ~ Rick Ermler
Michael Lyster ~ Carolyn Tieger
Kirk Materne ~ Wayne Mullican
Thelma A. Newman ~ Larry Schultz
Jacqueline Perrett ~ Self-sponsored
Lauree Personette ~ Karen  Anderson
Larry Phillips ~ Forrest Samuel Smith
Phillip Reid ~ Ed Schifman
Diana L. Riley ~ Pat  Wheeler
Carole Roberts ~ Doug Hartman
William Sawers, Jr. ~ Anne Russell Foster
Loreen Sellitto ~ Erika Aron
Arline R. Shapiro ~ Ron Kaplan
Glenda Struthers ~ Mollie Ottina
Linda Vaughan ~ Anne Hale
Stacy Vermylen ~ Sue Benson
Marilynne White ~ Paul Huber
Carol Watzke Windfeldt ~ Susan McManus