Give us a brief summary of your background; where you grew up, your career, how you located to Naples, maybe one thing that our members do not know about you, etc.
I was born and raised in Buffalo, New York, as the first-born American in the family. I received my PhD and M.A. in Economics from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University and B.A. in Economics from St. Lawrence University.  I also studied one year at the University of Vienna. While I enjoy most sports, a spinal cord injury has limited my physical activity, but I still enjoy riding a recumbent tricycle, watching college basketball and travel. I also participate in a small men’s book club (non-fiction), often a highlight of my activities.

After looking throughout Florida, thinking mostly of the east coast, for someplace warm, my wife Diane and I purchased a Condo in Naples in 2010 and have gradually spent more time here each year until recently selling our home in the Virginia suburbs of Washington.  All three of our children are elsewhere around the country, so there was no reason to keep the house.

Professionally, I am a retired economist specializing in taxation, economics and public policy. I began my career as an economist for the government.  Prior to becoming a partner at Arthur Andersen and then Deloitte, I was responsible for long term Forecasting at Wharton Econometrics as well as Director of Policy Analysis. I have published a variety of research papers and reports, and have been a frequent speaker to business executives and professional conferences. I have also appeared as an expert witness on taxation before the U.S. Congress and state legislatures, and in court in a litigation support role. I was also named one of the world’s leading transfer pricing advisors by the International Tax Review and I retired as a principal and economist from Deloitte Tax LLP’s Washington National Tax Office.

How did you get involved with GNL?
A neighbor in Naples who was a GNL member and also knew I was looking for something to keep me busy, suggested I apply.  (There is only so much beach walking and bike riding one can do).

What boards or activities are you involved with now?

Since retiring, I continue to do some independent consulting and have become involved in a number of civic and volunteer organizations in Naples.  I am active in my homeowners association, serving as Treasurer and I am now president of the community association.  In addition to mentoring a student with Champions for Learning, I am a member of the Collier Citizens Council and lead their housing committee.  I am also active in Greater Naples Leadership serving as class representative for GNL Class XX, on the Community Services Committee, and on the GNL Board.

What would you do to make our community better?

My year in the Class XX Masters class opened my eyes to the Collier County community and the issues we confront from beach re-nourishment to housing, medical care etc.  While working I had limited time to participate in community programs that address these issues. I feel that we are fortunate to have a very active philanthropic community.

What would you do to advance GNL?

GNL must continue to do the things that it does well in matching individuals with the volunteer opportunities existing in the community.  I feel GNL can and should do more in encouraging greater civic engagement whether being involved in influencing government policies or working with nonprofits in filling needs the government does not.   We live in a wonderful place and we must constantly work to keep it so.