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15. LOCAL Nonprofit and Civic Involvement (Current and Past)

"Involvement" is volunteer work for any local nonprofit or civic organization. Please select from the drop-down list of organizations in Southwest Florida. Then select your role and the beginning and ending year for that involvement. Homeowners' associations, churches, country clubs, civic (elected) and civic (appointed) will be listed by general category. If you do not see your organization on the list, please contact the GNL office, 239.300.7055 or Enter up to 12 involvements below. As you enter information, another set of fields will appear. The order of your list doesn't matter but PLEASE put either Current or a year in the last column.

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Please include the leadership qualities and experience of your candidate that lead you to believe he or she would benefit from and contribute to the mission of Greater Naples Leadership. If your candidate does not meet all the eligibility criteria, please explain why you feel that he or she should still be considered.
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