The GNL Masters Program educates highly accomplished men and women regarding issues in Collier County through a series of 11 in-depth sessions covering all major aspects of community life.


Applications for Masters Class XXVI are scheduled to open November 2021.  Please check back for updates.

Greater Naples Leadership provides exceptional opportunities for its members to continually enrich their lives and improve their community through:

    • Unique firsthand learning experiences
    • Rewarding relationships with accomplished, like-minded individuals
    • Unparalleled access to meaningful board and volunteer roles

About the Program

The GNL Masters Program educates highly accomplished men and women regarding issues in Collier County through a series of nine in-depth sessions (plus administrative sessions) covering all major aspects of community life. Each year, GNL accepts a class of 40 – 50 individuals and exposes them to sessions focusing on history, culture, healthcare, education, the environment, growth and economic development, human services, government, Immokalee and more. Sessions include presentations, panel discussions, on-site visits and field trips that are planned by members of the previous year’s Masters Class. The objective is to prepare participants for volunteer positions as well as civic and nonprofit board positions. Participation in the GNL program is a two-year commitment.  The first year is educational, and in the second year, small teams of class members, under the guidance of a class leadership team, prepare one of the nine educational sessions for the following year’s class. Program graduates have the privilege of becoming a members of a large, well- connected and vibrant alumni organization.

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Record of Accomplishment.  The ideal Masters Program candidate should be a proven leader in his or her field of endeavor and/or within his or her community.

Commitment to the Greater Naples community. Candidates should be willing to seek community and/or civic volunteer opportunities to apply their skills and interests.

Career and life status.  Candidates must have the time, interest and capability to participate fully in day-long classes and in the preparation of session days for the following year’s class.  Please keep in mind that many session days require considerable walking.  Candidates must be proficient in the use of email and the internet.

Residency.  Candidates should reside in the community from October through mid April in order to contribute fully to the program and the community.


Spouse/partner/family members’ applications. Spouses/partners/family members of GNL alumni may participate in the program provided that they independently meet the selection criteria. Only one spouse/partner/family member may participate in a given year, and each must be sponsored by an unrelated alumnus or alumna. At least one year must elapse between the class year of related participants.

Paid employees in the same organization. Only one paid employee of a given company or organization may be accepted in a single year.

Gender balance. GNL’s goal is to achieve gender balance in each class.

Diversity. GNL is racially and ethnically inclusive.

Political affiliation. GNL is a non-partisan organization.


Class attendance. Masters Class members are expected to attend all sessions. Masters Class members may not miss more than two session days, and missed days must be made up within the following season’s Masters Class.  Attendance is mandatory for both Retreat Day and Evaluation Day.

Liability Release. Upon acceptance, Masters Class members are required to sign and submit a Liability Release.

Post-graduation commitment. Each class member, as part of a team, is required to help design and run a session day for the following year’s class. This second-year effort is an integral part of the Masters Class program. Graduates are expected to carry out GNL’s Mission Statement, which encourages the use of their skills in bettering the community.

Application Process: Usually a member of GNL sponsors an individual for admission to the program. However, individuals may apply for membership without a sponsor. Tuition is $2,100. Applications are available on the GNL website between November 1 and early January. Interviews will be held prior to acceptance.  Class selection for each year is announced in February.