Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 1.46.02 PMMy name is Spot and I’m proud to have been adopted by GNL as part of GNL’s 20th Anniversary Celebration.

I am a loggerhead sea turtle and one of the sculptures in the “Turtles on the Town” project, a community arts project similar to the Gators Galore project in 2001, that will place 50 loggerhead sea turtle sculptures in various locations throughout Collier County.  The mission of the project is to rally support for the arts, the environment and charitable giving.  (Read more about the project.)

Recommended by a subcommittee of the 20th Anniversary Committee, GNL sponsored my creation by artist Valerie Ghoussaini and pre-purchased me as a gift to the community in commemoration of GNL’s 20 years of leadership.

GNL will appear on a plaque adhered to the sculpture base, on the “Turtles on the Town” website under a photo of me, on the printed map listing the locations of turtles, in the auction catalog as well as press releases and in social media posts.

My first appearance will be in November, with all the rest of the Turtles on the Town, placed at a popular location.  After the exhibit time, ending February 2016, I will be permanently located in a public location to represent GNL for years to come.