18_14_02_Healthcare_To familiarize Class XVIII with the area’s local healthcare facilities and services, the session day planning team visited Physicians Regional Health System, NCH Health System and the Neighborhood Health Clinic.

Because they were so well received last year, featured speakers were invited back, and they provided excellent overviews of national, state and local healthcare issues, including the possible local impact of the Affordable Care Act. Also heard were representatives from the medical, nursing and emergency services fields who addressed some of the issues and challenges encountered by local healthcare institutions.

The CEOs of Physicians Regional, NCH and the Neighborhood Health Clinic addressed the class as did Jim Nathan, CEO of Lee Memorial Health System, who discussed their trauma center and the new Golisano Children’s Hospital. Dr. Michael Gloth, Medical Director at the Moorings Park retirement community, spoke about senior health issues and explained palliative and hospice care to the group.

A highlight of the morning session was a presentation from the two physicians at Physicians Regional who developed that hospital’s innovative Comprehensive Stroke Center.

Kay Carmichael