Greater Naples Leadership Announces Masters Class XXIV

Greater Naples Leadership (GNL) is pleased to announce the nonprofit organization’s Masters Class XXIV.

From October 2019 through March 2020, class members will participate in a series of educational sessions: Naples – Past, Present, and Future; Arts and Culture; Healthcare; Education; the Environment; Growth and Economic Development; Human Services; Government; and Immokalee. These sessions include panel discussions, lectures, and site visits and all feature presentations by noted leaders in each field. Volunteer opportunities in nonprofit and civic organizations are explored so graduates know where their experience and expertise will be needed upon graduation from the program. 


  • Gloria Beissinger
  • Jack Fortnum
  • Sara McFadden
  • Charlie Stewart
  • Dave Bernd
  • Merrill Fox
  • Dawn Montecalvo
  • Don Strumillo
  • Peter Berry
  • Carol Gaffney
  • Eileen Muller
  • John Tobin
  • Kathryn Bettis
  • Al Girod
  • Geoff Murphy
  • Henk Touw
  • Craig Carragan
  • David Holden
  • Lynn Nolan
  • Giselle Wagner
  • Rita Cuddihy
  • Jack Kelly
  • John Paro
  • Eric Wallach
  • Becky Cutts
  • Linda Kloman
  • Kate Rittner
  • James Wason
  • Jon DeMoss
  • Mark Langer
  • Jeff Roberts
  • Greg Wertheimer
  • Susan Eddy
  • Kathy Ludwig
  • Martha Rozman
  • Craig Westbay
  • Vann Ellison
  • Karen Lutz
  • Fred Sasser
  • Larry Wilker
  • Anne Fleming
  • Kathy MacGillivray
  • Paul Shea

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