Greater Naples Leadership (GNL) is pleased to announce the nonprofit organization’s Masters Class XXIII.

From October 2018 through March 2019, class members will participate in a series of educational sessions: Naples – Past, Present, and Future; Arts and Culture; Healthcare; Education; the Environment; Growth and Economic Development; Human Services; Government; and Immokalee. These sessions include panel discussions, lectures, and site visits and all feature presentations by noted leaders in each field. Volunteer opportunities in nonprofit and civic organizations are explored so graduates know where their experience and expertise will be needed upon graduation from the program. (75% of active GNL Alumni Association members contribute at least 24 volunteer hours each month.)

 “As I reviewed the qualifications of GNL’s new Masters Class and met them in person, I was impressed with the depth and dedication of these extraordinary women and men. Going through our program and learning about the issues facing our community, they will apply that knowledge and their distinguished backgrounds as dedicated volunteers with local non-profits and civic organizations,” says GNL President, Jean Foster.


  • Kevin Barry
  • Nancy Donovan
  • Cynthia Lynch
  • Paul Perry
  • Marilyn Bartter
  • David Finch
  • Ben Michielse
  • Dan Pomerleau
  • Egon Behle
  • Sharon Genin
  • Steve Mason
  • Donna Raab
  • Susan Carson
  • Jan Guben
  • Laurie McArdle
  • Joe Roller
  • Ann Cohn
  • Sharon Harris-Ewing
  • Geri McCarthy
  • Mark Schwab
  • John Condon
  • Frank Hopkins
  • Cort McKee
  • JB Shelton
  • Maura Corvino
  • Robbie Hutchison
  • Laura Mitchell
  • Stephanie Spell
  • Steve Danis
  • Judy Jorgensen
  • Flip Morgan
  • Beth Stein
  • Barbara Davin
  • Moira Lardakis
  • Wendy Needham
  • John Steiner
  • Ajit Desai
  • David Larkin
  • Jim Nolte
  • Art Treuhaft
  • Bob Dickemper
  • Seth Leadbeater
  • Charlie Offutt
  • Mary Lee Turk
  • Maria Dines
  • Ken Logan
  • Bettyann O’Neill
  • Karen Woodbridge

Back Row: Ken Logan, Bettyann O’Neill, Frank Hopkins, Barbara Davin, JB Shelton, Paul Perry, Bob Dickemper, Kevin Barry, Marilyn Bartter, Wendy Needham, Seth Leadbeater, Maura Corvino, Jan Guben, Karen Woodbridge, David Finch, Cynthia Lynch, Stephanie Spell, Mary Lee Turk, Moira Lardakis, Nancy Donovan, Egon Behle, Laurie McArdle, Mark Schwab, Dan Pomerleau, John Steiner, Joe Roller, Jim Nolte

Middle Row: Charlie Offutt, Ann Cohn, Donna Raab, Judy Jorgensen, Steve Mason, David Larkin, Sharon Genin, Flip Morgan, Sharon Harris-Ewing, Susan Carson, Cort McKee, Art Treuhaft, Robbie Hutchison,

Front Row: Beth Stein, Steve Danis, Geri McCarthy, Ajit Desai, Maria Dines, John Condon, Ben Michielse

(Not pictured: Laura Mitchell)

Photo credit: Louis Venne