16_12_04_Graduation_GNL Masters Class XVI culminated their year with a Supreme Graduation on March 28 at the Port Royal Club.  Class Chair Mary Lynn Myers welcomed the graduates and their spouses, sponsors, and guests to the evening.  The event was highlighted by an exuberant musical presentation involving the entire class and reflecting on many of their experiences of the past year.  The skit featured Paul Huber as Geraldine and John Banks, Rick Ermler, and Steve Walling as the Supremes themselves; the group provided the Class Leadership Team with a number of surprises.  Great credit goes to Bill Swartz and Betsy Wolf for their Supreme leadership in organizing and staging the extravaganza.  The crowd of 109 enjoyed Alex Anderson’s witty reflections about each member of the class, as he and Mary Lynn presented them with their graduation gifts.  President Bob Berlam was proud to welcome, as GNL’s 38 newest alumni, the graduates of Class XVI.

Rusty Troth 4/7/12