[04/17/15] Have you ever wondered what quality of medical care you would receive if you fell off a ladder and landed on your head? Or worried about when your grandchild is sick with a serious illness and had to be hospitalized? Or, experienced the “birth” of a child.

Well then you should have been with the group of GNLers that recently visited Florida SouthWestern (FSW) School of Health Professions, Collier Campus and you would have had a birds eye view of how the school is training our future nurses, paramedics and EMTs. Our tour was organized by Ann Berlam (Class VI) and Anne Hale (Class IX), and well attended by several other GNL classes that were amazed by the beautiful campus and state-of-the-art training.

With 85,000 total graduates, FSW uses mannequin simulators that move, talk, moan and even vomit on command as nurses in training are put through their paces before they are allowed to work with real live patients. After watching the nurses work with the “patients”, all felt comfortable leaving our “destiny” in the hands of the upcoming qualified nurses. They knew what they were doing!

It was well worth the trip and we may do it again so keep your eyes open and don’t miss it.

Article By JR Philp

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Photos by Ann Berlam, JR Philp and Nina Gray