GNL Privacy Policy

Greater Naples Leadership recognizes the need to safeguard the information included in the Alumni and Current Class Directories, as well as the requests for volunteers submitted by nonprofit organizations. Only GNL alumni and masters class participants can access this information, and to do so, they must enter an assigned user name and a personalized password. As a result, it will be more difficult for anyone outside the organization to access password-protected information on GNL’s website.

The material in the password-protected section of GNL’s website is intended for the exclusive use of GNL and its members. GNL’s policy is not to give this information to anyone outside the organization with the exception of Bold Solutions LLC, which designed and maintains GNL’s site and which is equally committed to respect the password-protected information. In addition, any sensitive information about an individual or an organization (like e-mail addresses) will not be given to outsiders without that individual’s or organization’s consent. As a practical matter, however, in an organization this size, it is impossible to provide complete assurance that individual members will not violate this policy.