Article by J R Philp

Each year the GNL board takes time to “reflect” on how we are doing. The board looks at our strategy, reviews our goals and objectives, embracing a healthy dialogue, with a purpose of working on the future of the organization.

Susan Suarez, Class VI, led-off the retreat this year with a Board Leadership training session. Susan has been working with nonprofits for many years and provided insights as to how we can continue to be more effective board members.

This was followed up with an excellent update of the Strategic Planning Review. Several members of the committee gave presentations and a full review of the Strategic Plan will be given at the GN Leadership meeting on November 17, 2016.

Other presentations included a recommended email blast procedure that will be developed and implemented at the November board meeting. Keep your eyes open for this as this will provide guidelines for what eBlasts will be considered.

Additionally, we discussed the importance of branding and its future role within GNL. There is a solid consensus from the board that we need to do more here and the Communications Committee has been charged with continuing to make improvements. One immediate step has been to invite media to attend all future ACE luncheon meetings.

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