Greater Naples Leadership (GNL) is pleased to announce that the nonprofit organization elected the 2017-2018 slate of Officers and Directors during the annual meeting on March 23, 2017.

The nonprofit’s newly elected Board will assume office on May 1, 2016, and includes the following individuals (new members are noted with an asterisk*):


  • Norman Feder, President
  • Jean Foster, President-Elect
  • Kitty Keane, Secretary
  • William Swartz, Treasurer
  • Michael Isermann, Assistant Treasurer
  • Jacquelyn Pierce, Immediate Past President


  • Suzan Bergland
  • Sue Dillon
  • Jackie Faffer*
  • Bruce Finley
  • Neal Gelfand
  • Jerry Godshaw*
  • Charles Doug Hartman
  • Bill Hogan *
  • Paul E. Huber
  • Peggy Monson*
  • James R. Philp
  • Linda Penniman*
  • Joan Sehdev
  • Steve Strome*
  • Tony Urick*
  • Susan Warren
  • Betsy Wolf*


Retiring from the GNL Board are members Edward Boyer, Barbara Casey, Rick Ermler, Nina Gray, Carolyn (CAT) Tieger and Donald Shapiro.

For more information on the GNL and the 2017-2018 Board of Directors, please contact Greater Naples Leadership at 239.300.7055 or visit