Article by Vi Steffan

Project: beautification project will be to freshen up the exterior of the Shelter by painting the wall and columns leading to the office, showers and dining area for the residents. GNL will provided the labor (7 workers)

Results: The team not only painted the columns and walls, they extended their painting talents to the doors, doorways and the entryway fencing. The Staff members were so surprised that we went beyond the original request. The results of the project was to provide a much brighter, and, therefore, more pleasant environment for the residents and others as they moved through the entryways into and out of the facility.

Those affected by the project are all of the residents, staff and guests who must use this entryway to gain access to other parts of the facility.

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Participants: Sheila Harris-Schutz (XIII), Myra Williams (XIII), Joan Sehdev (XII), Frankie Ferguson, Ron Ferguson (XIX), John Steffan, and
Vi Steffan (XIII)