Article by Joe Wall

Some things “Just Happen”!!  However, the three bedroom Habitat for Humanity house in Golden Gate Estates did not get all the walls and ceiling painted by shear magic.  Rather it took an invasion of nine eager GNL’ers to descend in an early morning drizzle.  Our motto was “Paint it like it is Your Bedroom!”  The results included laughs, spilled paint, expanded friendships, and great progress on this house.

This work was just part of the broad program of Done-in-a-Day projects completed by volunteers of from the Greater Naples Leadership organization.  It is part of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of GNL, but many of the program graduates routinely volunteer in a variety of ways to help needy residents of our area.

The house has not yet been assigned to a family.

Habitat for Humanity builds because of the belief that everyone, everywhere, should have a healthy, affordable place to call home. More than building homes, it’s building communities, hope and the opportunity for families to help themselves.  While the house we painted is currently unassigned to a family, no doubt a deserving, fortunate family will have the chance to live there and build a better life for themselves.

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Participants: Joe Wall (XV), Betsy Wolf (XVI), Katherine Keane (XVIII), Franny Kain (XV), Van Williams (XV), Bill Brock (XV), Julie Forchay (XV), Donald Merz (XVI), Florence Corsello (XIX), and Ann Berlam (VI)