Article by Lea Smith (Class VII)

We arrived at Grace Place at 9 am on Monday, January 4, 2016.  Our Mission was to spread mulch on its playground.  Our Taskforce included:  Rose Murphy Class XVIII, Michael Finkel Class XVII, Dina Sewell, Christine Flynn, Doreen Loskill Spidaletto, Weezie Windsor and Lea Smith from Class VII.  We had great help from high school students who attend the AP Leadership Program at Grace Place using this activity to meet their volunteer goals. Also participating was the entire swim team from Bowling Green University of Ohio visiting Naples for their annual training session.

Together we spread 1200 bags of mulch on the playground.  We were fortunate to have Michael Finkel, retired MD and husband to Dina Sewell, to take the lead role. Michael assigned roles:  bag distribution, knife brigade to open the bags, spreaders of mulch and removal of empty bags. What a team!  We started work at 9:30 am and finished by 11:00 am one hour ahead of schedule.

What a day.  Fun was had by All.  Thank you Hanna Vet, Volunteer Experience Manager and David Tobiasz, CFO/COO of Grace Place for organizing the day.  Thank you to my wonderful crew from GNL. Thank you to our younger crew-they did the heavy lifting.

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