Article by Heidi Varsames

Today’s Done in a Day at Fun Time Early Childhood Academy was a most enjoyable success!

The mission of Fun Time is to provide safe, quality and affordable education and care for children of low-income families and to prepare the children for kindergarten ready to read and ready to learn.  Fun Time has been asked to participate in the 2016 Winter Wine Festival’s Meet the Kids Day Tour & Luncheon on Friday, January 29, 2016 where donors can experience firsthand how funds raised at the Festival better the lives of underprivileged and at-risk children. They will have the opportunity to meet several children’s charities and interact with the children who have limitless opportunities due to their generosity.

To prepare for their role at Kids Day,  Fun Time educators requested our help creating a grapevine with hanging grapes from the vines which they will display at the Kids Day.  Julie Domenick of Class XIX and Heidi Varsames, Class VIII, helped create the “hanging grapes” for each child by painting their individual handprint with their name and age. (Christine Kruman, Class XVII, and Ann Wasmer, Class XX, volunteered but were unable to attend due to illness.) Once dried, their picture will be adhered to each of these handprints and hung on the tree to show the significance of their role in the Fun Time family of dedication and commitment to early education.

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