Article by Mary Ellen Barrett

GNL’s Done in a Day involvement with the Care Club:

Four members of GNL visited the Care Club, a 501(c)3 non-profit in Collier County, that has been meeting the needs of individuals afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia and other memory disorders, while  providing much needed respite for their Caregivers.

The Care Club offers a structured, proactive program, in a protective setting, to stimulate participants socially, mentally, emotionally and physically.

GNL members brought home-made cookies and beverages for about 30 participants. They watched while participants sang and played games, then they served the snack and stayed to talk to participants and listen to their stories.

Clients voiced how nice it was to have special visitors that were interested in them!  The interaction with the clients is an important part of the socialization that is a vital component of the mission of the organization and this GNL project was a way for them to enjoy seeing new faces and meeting friendly new folks.

The GNL volunteers thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

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Participants: Mary Ellen Barrett (X), Emily Watt (IV), Pat Franciosi (X), and Dottie Gerrity (II)