Democracy is not a Spectator Sport was the perfect theme for GNL Government Day. Class XVIII not only found out how Collier County government works, who votes and where our tax dollars go, but they also heard about some of the county’s most pressing issues and how they can get involved. The day included major political leaders, public officials, business executives, community activists, lobbyists and media representatives who provided a range of perspectives from their visions for the future of Collier County cities, to the power of local, influential organizations, to a look at the potential political clout of Southwest Florida as a region.

Other highlights included sitting in the center of decision making with the morning session in the County Commission Chamber and afternoon session in the Naples City Council Chamber. Class members also took a Political IQ Quiz and watched a hilarious video presentation of the top Pork Barrel projects funded by the U.S. Congress. Later in the day, quiz winners were presented with copies of the U.S. Constitution, and the first place winner received her own personal Pork Barrel, a pink piggybank!!

The day ended with a Red, White & Blue reception at the Chapel Grill. Everyone was thrilled to have County Commission Chairwoman Georgia Hiller, Naples Mayor John Sorey and Vice Mayor Gary Price join us in the fun.

Carolyn Tieger