Masters Class XVII was launched on March 23, 2012, with 42 of the class of 46 attending the Orientation Luncheon at Grey Oaks Country Club. They were joined by 10 guests, including president Bob Berlam, president-elect Sheila Clarke, past presidents Jeanne Bolds & Ben Tiley, plus the class leadership team and Kena Yoke of the GNL office.

It was a warm & lively group who enjoyed getting acquainted and discussing the ways and work of GNL.

President Bob provided an excellent overview of GNL and challenged the Class  to exceed the achievements of “The Supremes” of Class XVI.  President-elect Sheila explained the importance of the three legs of the GNL stool.  Program chair Rusty Troth briefly set out the activities of the year ahead.  He was followed by Jeanne Bolds, who made an excellent presentation covering the GNL website & its value to Masters Class XVII.  A big thank you to Ned Bastow & Jeanne, who took each class attendee’s photo for the directory in record time.

There is every indication Class XVII will be outstanding  and will make a great contribution to GNL and to the community . . .   Class XVII photo by Ned Bastow

Ken Lyons 3/25/12