History Day 2012 is in the rear-view mirror, and the rest of the sessions for Masters Class XVII are ahead.  We were off to a great start with a panel of Mary Watkins and Earl and Thelma Hodges, led by Mary Smith, President of the Naples Historical Society.  Our venue was  Ridgway Bar and Grill.  We walked to Palm Cottage, led by John Mayer and our History Day Team.  After assembling under the Chickee, we heard Elaine Reed, Executive Director, speak to our group about the entire Naples Historical Society, not just Palm Cottage.  We were then given a tour of Palm Cottage by three docents.

We enjoyed a lunch of salads, sandwich wraps and homemade cookies after hearing presentations by Tim England and Naomi Goren about Everglades City and the Collier County Museums, including Barron Gift Collier.

This year for the first time, we went to Marco Island.  Lots of history there as well.  The Rose History Auditorium is a great facility.  First, we heard from Kathy Miracco, President of the Marco Island Historical Society (MIHS), about the history of Marco including the time when the Calusa Indians were there.  We heard an interview with Herb Savage, one of the Mackle Brothers lead architects, conducted by our own Bill Swartz, a Cub Reporter in character.   After a re-enactment of Drs. Charles and Mary Olds done by Ed and Kathy Miracco, we toured the Marco Island Museum before adjourning for  cocktails and a rest back at Ridgway Bar and Grill.  A swell day was had by all.

Cathy Boltz 11/5/12

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