Congratulations to Masters Class XVII for a job well done!  Classmates and guests celebrated the year at their graduation on March 27.  The year has flown by and it’s already time to bestow the title of GNL alumni on yet another of group of Naples’ finest.

Class XVII was proud to be selected,
Our diverse experience was not neglected.
We’ve learned about Collier more than we knew;
We are grateful now to be part of you.

We were tasked to choose an appropriate name;
We did so knowing that you did the same.
On a bus ride together our ballots we cast,
And elected a name we hoped might last.

Magnificent Seven(Teen) was the winner by far,
Reflecting too sparse humility on our way to a bar.
We have learned many things now close to our hearts:
Social needs, education, law, and cultural arts.

For talents and knowledge, we have little lack;
We are now choosing how we might give back.
For next year’s class, we are planning anew;
For what XVI prepared for us, we say hearty “Thank You”!

For Class XVII members as a unified whole,
We collectively agree that GNL met its goal.
With many good speakers and thoughtful questions,
We all learned much from our GNL lessons.

Special people deserve our thanks and praise;
Their efforts on our behalf truly amaze.
They led us and fed us, all well organized;
They served us expertly; gratefully recognized.

We thank Session Leaders too numerous to list;
We appreciate that hardly any detail was missed.
You filled loooong Wednesdays with relevant fare
With your dedicated teams, our many thanks please share.

Carol Jonson was attentive to everyone’s needs,
Emailing and coordinating with many friendly deeds.
Ed Boyer was efficient, keeping speakers on time;
With tactful flash cards, he did his job fine.

Ken Lyons was a good Chairman, we unanimously feel;
We hope his spouse recovers from her health care ordeal.
Rusty Troth was our energetic Program Chair,
And stood in expertly when Ken couldn’t be there.

To our new leaders, we pledge our support;
Rick Jennewine, our Class Chairman, to you all report.
Gail Garratt, our Program Chair, our class you enhance,
And Jackie Pierce, our Class Rep, thank you in advance.

So please raise your glasses in grateful recognition
Of our GNL leaders, maintaining tradition.
To all those participants who have come before,
For sharing your time and talent, our thanks evermore.

Our class, the Magnificent Seven (Teen)
Has been and remains an awesome team.
We salute each other with fond regard;
Best wishes all, from your itinerant bard.


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