On November 28, our Green Team (we wore green shirts so people could spot us easily) came together beautifully and worked extremely well sharing the load, one for one and one for all. The venues were super, starting at the Botanical Garden for two-thirds of the day, and then moving to the newly re-opened Conservancy of Southwest Florida. We included tours of the Garden and a boat trip and tour of the new Development Center at the Conservancy.

Capitalizing on last year’s successful program, this year’s team was able to recruit 10 of the prior speakers. We met personally with each of them and gave them feedback on last year, which helped them enhance their new talks. We were very fortunate that GNL commands the best of the best and all our speakers were excellent and better than last year. We added three new speakers. Two of them were excellent covering the clean energy requirements of our area and what is being done about it; and The Greenway project. We also had very good exposure to the new Kapnick Center FGCU Wetlands Research Park.

Spouses and others joined Class XVII for a very successful social went till 6:45 PM, at the Conservancy gazebo. It was, all in all, a dream day for a dream team.

Paul Huber

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