Education Day for Masters Class XVII was planned to provide a solid overview of the Collier County Public School System–as we are all involved with the system, even if it is only by paying taxes.  The structure of the day started with the overview of the system by Superintendent Kamela Patton, who set the tone for the day.  From that, six teams visited schools in the system after which they stopped at Lorenzo Walker Institute of Technology for lunch and the balance of the day’s sessions.

 The day provided the opportunity for the participants not only to see individual schools, but to also see the technical high school and the its partner, the technical adult school, providing a wide breadth of programs.

 Ending the day with a panel of current teachers representing elementary through the technical schools provided the participants with the opportunity to hear from individuals who are currently on the front lines of education in our district.

 The general impression was that the day provided a great opportunity for the participants to learn more about our Collier County Public School System, with the chance for individuals to become more involved with individual schools if they choose.


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