Class XVI finished its session days on March 14 with an immersive experience in multiple facets of the legal system in Collier County. The morning began in the Muster Room of the county jail with presentations by two senior judges from the 20th Circuit Court addressing juvenile justice and the functioning of the court system. An educational discussion followed on judicial selection processes. The Sheriff and Naples Police Chief presented information about their organizations and challenges facing law enforcement including prescription drug abuse and the deportation of arrested illegal aliens. In addition, the inhumanity of human trafficking was made clear with words and pictures.

After a tour of the jail and seeing some of the 992 prisoners, we dined on the jail food du jour. Next, the bus ride to the gun range included narration about Tasers and other aspects of high liability apprehensions. At the range many specialities of law enforcement were on display including K-9 and sniper operations, SWAT tactics as well as simulated and live weapons fire. The day was capped off by a social gathering at Joe’s Crab Shack reveling in the beauty of an evening on the Gordon River while internalizing the experiences of the day.

Dennis Corbly

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