Government Day 2011 for Class XVI began with a detailed overview of all our elected and appointed government officials presented by two GNLers, Lydia Galton (Class X) and Tom McCann (Class IX), from the League of Women Voters. The day was highlighted by four unique panel discussions. Jeff Lytle’s panel on the Future Structure of EMS for Collier County generated opinions from all sides of the issue. Dudley Goodlette’s panel on redistricting covered Congressional, State and County considerations. The panel discussion featuring Garrett Richter, Kathleen Passidomo and Matt Hudson gave the class an insight to the issues facing the state legislature. And finally, the panel discussion on the cooperation between City and County demonstrated the difference in thinking on how these two bodies of government satisfy the needs of their constituents. The quality and volume of information was so great that one class member remarked, “It was like drinking from a fire hydrant.”

Photo by Carol Jonson, Class XVI.

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