GNL “Supreme” Class XVI members enthusiastically set to work brainstorming and outlining 2012-2013 session days for Class XVII during Evaluation and Planning Day, held March 21 at the Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club.

The day began with GNL leaders–Bob Berlam, Marv Easton, Susan Jones and Sheila Clarke– highlighting various facets of the GNL mission, and the organization’s community and member services.

Class XV Session Day Team Coordinators–Karen Anderson, Bill Franz and Rusty Troth–also shared key learnings and organizational tips from their experiences in planning various Session Days for Class XVI.

As Class XVI members set to work in their planning process for the upcoming year, Program Chair Rusty Troth reviewed each Class XVI Session Day, allowing class members the opportunity to capture thoughts on the positives of each day as well as areas for improvement.  The class also assembled a list of key Collier County issues that teams should consider addressing in their planning. Individual Session Day teams met before and after lunch to choose team coordinators, and to discuss and develop preliminary outlines for their Session Days.  At the end of the day, team coordinators presented those outlines to the Class XVI group.

Session Day Teams will continue planning for April 16, the date preliminary Session Day agendas and budgets for Class XVII are presented to and approved by the Class Leadership Team.

photos by Carol Jonson

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