The arts are thriving in Naples; they are well supported thanks to a community that understands they are the root of our culture.

Fortunately for the children of Collier County, the many arts programs here also offer strong support and educational opportunities.

These were among the lessons learned at Cultural Arts Day, a full agenda covering the great diversity, variety and magnitude of the arts scene here. Highlights of the day were: Joe Cox, executive director of the Golisano Children’s Museum took the class on a virtual tour of the soon-to-be newest arts venue here. It was then off to the Phil to watch the magnificent orchestra in rehearsal; then lunch and talk with new CEO Kathleen van Bergen and several of her key staff members.

At the Sugden, the class had a backstage tour and several panels on the performing arts. Visual arts were well covered in the morning. The panels were filled with artists, teachers, performers and directors; some from established venues; some from newer ones just coming on the scene.

The day ended with a reception at the Up and Art Gallery.

Photo of Lee Willis by Carol Jonson.

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