Class XV spent the day in Immokalee at Guadalupe Center and PACE Center for Girls to learn about issues and needs affecting those who live in Immokalee.  The day started with a review of the history of Immokalee followed by a discussion and photographic reflection of living and working conditions there.  Two young Hispanic residents then provided their own personal perspectives of immigrant life–growing up in Immokalee and attending its public schools.

Representatives of various nonprofit agencies summarized their work in providing non-public educational programs for Immokalee’s youth.  Class members were treated to a typical Hispanic lunch from Lozano’s Restaurant.   They were serenaded by Guadalupe’s “Blue Whales” Classroom (four and five year old children) and were joined by mentors from Guadalupe’s Tutor Corps who discussed living and learning in Immokalee.  After lunch, the group had a tour of the area with a stop at the Farmer’s Market.   During the afternoon, several panel members discussed housing, legal and healthcare issues facing Immokalee residents.  At the end of the day, a resident agricultural employer/farmer shared stories of his life and work and of those who toil in the fields.

Photo of the “Blue Whales” class by Van Williams

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