The results are in: GNL’s “Cultural Arts” Day was fabulous!!!

The CAD team didn’t miss anything having to do with culture in Naples.  Every single presenter, discussion, and performance was truly outstanding.  In particular, Karen Benson and Aimee Schlehr at the von Liebig were inspirational speakers. And each of the five artists were great representatives of their respective disciplines.

And having the opportunity to have lunch and meet with Kathleen van Bergen, CEO Artis-Naples, was a special treat.  She’s a dynamic and talented woman–our community is fortunate to have her leading Artis-Naples.

The “taste” of the Baker was perfect as the class got a good look at an exhibit that hopefully will bring them back to take an extended tour.

Also, the snappy panel discussion with all the major theatre CEO’s and directors discussing their missions, how they selected performances, what hurdles they had in building their theatres, etc., was an eye-opener for many.

Then the performing artists took over.   Each was outstanding with performances representing violin, opera, jazz, and ballet. The final performance (Rhapsody in Blue) from Maestro William Noll topped everything with the perfect ending to an exhausting, but well spent day.

Then it was off to Bricktops for relaxation as many from the class and several of the presenters and performers were able to mingle at a reception and share their favorite parts of the day.

Our CAD team hopes we were able to show that the principle of true art is not to portray, but to evoke. We enjoyed presenting the program and thank everyone for your feedback and evaluations. [by J R Philp]

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