[5/1/13] Class IX and guests gather a few times each year for a special event tailored just for us, followed by socializing.

On the afternoon of April 19, little did we know that we would be the “warm up” for Kathleen van Bergen’s announcement of the re-branding of “The Phil” to “Artis–Naples” later that day.

While she did not divulge the new name, Kathleen gave us background information about the need to address the full range of activities held at the complex. After a spirited
Q & A, we were taken on backstage tours of both Hayes Hall and the Daniels Pavillion. It was fascinating to learn what is entailed preparing for such a wide variety of back-to-back performances.  Before leaving the complex, we met with the new director of the Museum, Frank Verpoorten, and learned about the challenges of creating a schedule two or three years in advance.  He is also focusing on widening the Museum’s permanent collection.

After the tour, classmate Judy Hushon and her husband, John, welcomed us to their new home nearby. They are knowledgeable collectors of art and enjoy sharing information about their favorite artists and how they came to have interest in acquiring specific pieces.  What a treat!