At a December 9 luncheon, Bob Evans (Class X) and his wife, Joyce, were recognized by the American Cancer Society for being founding members of the Naples Chapter of the Laureate Society.  The purpose of the Laureate Society is to encourage and facilitate funding for young cancer researchers.  Bob was also honored for 12 years of service to the ACS.  Bob is a board member of the Collier County Chapter and, for several years, has chaired the man-to-man support group for males who are dealing with prostate cancer.

 Bob has a passion for helping men with prostate cancer deal with their diagnosis and learn about treatment options.   As it pertains to research, Bob says, “Cancer does not discriminate, afflicting not only the very young but also the young at heart. Its impact reaches far beyond the person who is diagnosed. These are compelling reasons why research must be done, not only on the disease itself, but also for the rest of us to acquire knowledge and the ability to cope with these issues.”