Board Member Expectations

Board Member Position Description


  • Be committed to the organization’s mission, vision, objectives and governing documents.
  • Serve as a goodwill ambassador and advocate for GNL. Support and attend GNL- sponsored events. Sponsor new GNL member(s) and/or recommend individuals for Board and Leadership positions.
  • Provide leadership in the achievement of GNL goals by chairing a committee or leading a key initiative; serve actively on committees as requested.
  • Serve GNL as a whole rather than any special interest group or constituency.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of all Board discussions and proceedings.
  • Publicly support all Board decision.


  • Be accountable to the organization, providing oversight of GNL operations and compliance to GNL Bylaws, Operating Guidelines and Policies; provide support and oversight for the President; participate in Board performance review and improve performance as needed.
  • Help determine, review and approve major policies and understand the strategic effect long term for the organization.
  • Make decisions in the best interest of GNL, not in any Member’s self-interest.
  • Think independently, tactfully express any differing views, act collectively and proceed enthusiastically.
  • Punctually attend Board and Committee meetings; prepare in advance and participate actively in meetings.
  • Make significant contributions to advancing Committee and Board work.


  • Ensure that GNL obeys applicable laws and acts in accordance with ethical practices.
  • Read and understand GNL’s financial statements.
  • Exercise prudence regarding the control and transfer of funds, ensuring transparency. Review and support budget annually.
  • Avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest and disclose any possible conflicts to the Board in a timely manner. Never accept/offer favors or gifts from/to anyone who does business with GNL.
  • Sign conflict of interest and confidentiality statements annually.


  • Adequate notice of all Board meetings and minutes of previous meetings
  • Indemnification from liability for reasonable and necessary Board-related activities
  • Relevant information to conduct the job of a Board member

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