The application deadline for Class XVI has been extended to February 7.  I hope you are considering becoming a sponsor and, if you are, please get to know your candidate well and discuss the expectations of class membership, post-Masters Class community involvement and GNL alumni involvement. Be sure that your candidate understands that just sponsoring him or her does not guarantee acceptance.

On the sponsorship section of the application form, you are asked “why have you chosen to nominate this candidate?”  Take this question seriously, because your recommendation will be important to the selection committee.

Remember the following guidelines when deciding who makes an ideal candidate:

  • The candidate has a record of accomplishment and has already proven leadership in his or her field of endeavor.
  • The candidate must have a real commitment to the Greater Naples community and a goal to become significantly involved in bettering it.
  • The candidate must have the time, interest, and capability to participate in each of the rigorous day-long classes.
  • The typical candidate lives in this area at least six months of the year so that he or she can fully contribute to the community upon graduation.
  • Because the focus of the Masters Program is on community service rather than active business networking, GNL expects that most candidates will be retired or semi-retired and generally in their 50’s or 60’s.

You and your candidate will find all the information you need on this website. Go to About Us > How to Join. You will also find the Application for Masters Class XVI on our website under Resources > Forms and a link to the printable brochure under Resources > Documents.  If you or your candidate are unable to download and complete the application in Microsoft Word, please contact for personal assistance.  You may also request a hard copy of ANY membership-related information by calling the GNL office at 239.213.9211.

Once you and your candidate have completed the entire application, you must e-mail or submit a typewritten copy of the application to the GNL office,, after 9 a.m. on January 3 and before 5 p.m. on February 7, 2011. Electronic submissions are strongly preferred. Once the application is received, the GNL office will send a confirmation e-mail to the sponsor, so watch for that e-mail and contact the office if you do not receive it!

After February 7, a Selection Committee, under my direction, will review all applications.  I will communicate decisions regarding acceptance as soon as possible thereafter.  Class XVI members will be selected based on how closely they meet our criteria and guidelines.  Knowing your candidate well and following the guidelines established for membership will help ensure that Class XVI is the “best class ever.”