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Your First Name Jeff
Your Last Name Danilo
Preferred Name or Nickname Jeff
Gender Male
Birth Year (optional) 1952
Spouse/Partner Name (optional) Mariette
Local Street Address 2090 Aberdeen Lane, Unit 202
Local City Naples
Local State FL
Local Zip Code 34109
Cell Phone Number (215) 280-2015
Email Address
Is Florida your legal residence? No
If your local address is not your primary residence, or if you have an alternate address, please check the box below. I have an alternate address
Alternate Street Address 211 Briarwood Court
Alternate City Doylestown
Alternate State/Province PA
Alternate Postal Code 18901
Which statement best describes you? I live in the Naples area 1-6 months a year
In what year did you begin living full or part-time in the Naples Area? 2020
Currently, what months are you in the Naples area? December – May
What is your current employment status? I am retired
Do you have a spouse, partner or family member who is a member of GNL? No
Have you previously applied for GNL membership? No
5. Why are you interested in becoming a GNL member?

I am looking for a volunteer opportunity of value. After going through a lengthy vetting process to volunteer for the VA i was only offered one assignment which was a dud. I completed my volunteer activity for the season and did not return to the VA the following year. Last year i volunteered as a mentor at a local high school and was not excited about the program. I developed a relationship with the head of the mentoring program and he introduced me to Hall Hills, a GLN member. I met with Hal this morning and he encouraged me to apply to the GNL Masters Program.

6. What do you consider your most significant career leadership contribution?

I have a strong work ethic and have always expected members of my team to work as hard as me. i set expectation day one, give clear direction, and provide candid feedback to members of my team, identifying strengths and weaknesses. I reward talented staff members, financially and socially and counsel out underperformers. During my career i worked hard to motivate and retain good staff and develop young talent.

7. What do you consider your most significant civic or community leadership contribution?

I have not yet realized my most significant community/leadership contribution. However, I dedicated the first 16 years of my professional career to public service: 6 years as a hands-on social worker in NYC and Long Island, and 10 years working for the public hospitals in New York City (NYC, Health and Hospitals Corporation). Ironically, when i left HHC some of my staff asked me “how could you leave, you are the only one who cared about us and our patients”?

8. What areas of community involvement are of greatest interest to you?

I think helping an individual find work to help him/her provide for their family is, if not the most important thing, one of the most important. This involves understanding the person core competencies, abilities, weaknesses, and fears and helping them overcome the things holding them back.
While i have always had an affinity for Veterans, i am open to working with any individual or group motivated to work hard to improve their current position/station in life.

10. What skills do you have that can positively impact the community?

I have an MSW, counseled juveniles, wrote grants for funding public sector projects, managed all inpatient services, including 6 operating rooms for a 500-bed trauma hospital, managed a budget of over $150/M and 200 staff for one of the largest national health insurance companies in the US, and for the last 20 years have run a small and very profitable healthcare consulting company.

11. Describe a time when you led a group to bring about change.

In 2017 i was hired by a NYC heath insurance company to assist with its turnaround. I inherited over 200 staff many of which were unmotivated and underperforming. After 2 years I turned over 100+ staff by terminating and counseling underperformers, and rewarding high performers. I started a “path to profitability program” and gave out school buses (the bus to profitability) each month to individual exhibiting hard work and dedication. Within 6 months everyone wanted to know what they had to do to get a bus. The department went from a place where no one wanted to work, to a department of interest.

College or University Columbia
Field of Study Social Work
Degree MS
Year Completed 1978
College or University Quinnipiac
Field of Study Sociology
Degree BS
Year Completed 1974
Company or Organization (most recent) Emblem Health
Position Held Senior Vice Presicent
Company or Organization US Healthcare Solutions
Position Held President
Beginning and End Years (xxxx – xxxx) 2004-2023
Which best describes your competencies? (Check all that apply) Business and Strategic Management, Consulting, Fundraising and Development, Medical and Health, Nonprofit Management
Local Nonprofit and Civic Involvement (Current and Past)
Organization Name Champions for Learning – Leadership Council
Your Role Volunteer
Begin Year 2022
End Year 2022
Please list name(s) of organization(s), position(s)/role(s) and years involved (past)

Soccer Coach, Pleasantville, NY- 1993 – 1994
Soccer Coach, Buckingham, PA – 1994 – to 2003
Confraternity of Christian Doctrine Teacher (CCD), Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Roman Catholic Church – September 2000 to May 2009
Managing Director– Danilo Family Charitable Fund – 2004 to present
Assistant Track Coach, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Roman Catholic Church – 2005 to 2010
Eucharistic Minister, Hospital Ministry, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Roman Catholic Church- 2006-2010

Attendance is essential to gain the full benefit of the Masters Class which runs from mid October through March. Yes
Individual, in-person interviews are required and are scheduled in early November, December and January. I understand that in-person interviews are required and am available for interviews on any weekday between November 2-6, December 4-14 and January 4-19 EXCEPT those dates listed in the text box below. Yes
In order to graduate I am required to attend Retreat Day held in October 2024 and Evaluation and Planning Days held in March 2025 as well as 9 full-day class sessions and class social events. Yes
If selected, I am available to attend the Class Orientation Lunch in March 2024. Yes
GNL communications are electronic, and I am required to be proficient in the use of email and the Internet. Yes
If selected, I may not miss more than two Masters Class session days. Missed days are required to be made up within the following two years Masters Classes. Yes
If selected, I am responsible for the tuition of $2800 and will provide to GNL a Liability Release form as referenced on the Masters Program page of the website. Yes
Upon graduation, I will serve and actively participate as a team member for one of the following year’s class sessions. Yes
If selected, I understand and commit to active volunteerism in the greater Naples area after my Masters Class year in order to help fulfill GNL’s mission of bettering the community. Yes
Are you being sponsored by someone in GNL? Yes
How do you know the candidate? Introduced by friend who knows of my GNL involvement
How long have you known the candidate? 2 days
Why have you chosen to nominate this candidate? Please be detailed in your response.

My friend is the Champion for the Immokalee entrepreneurial mentoring program. He indicated that Jeff was an excellent and motivated mentor who was looking for something else in the charitable arena to work on. Jeff was given my name, and he took the initiative to call me and we scheduled an “interview.” Assuming his record checks out, he seems an ideal candidate for GNL, and GNL should be an ideal program for him.

Attendance at Retreat Day in October, Evaluation and Planning Day in March, 9 full-day Masters Class sessions and class social events. Yes
Service as a team member for the preparation and presentation of one class session the following year. Yes
Computer Proficiency No
Tuition of $2800 is due and payable upon acceptance to the Masters Class. No
Subsequent community involvement Yes