• Give us a brief summary of your background, where you are originally from, your career, and why you relocated to Naples.

Ann and her daughter Addie

I am a Michigan girl at heart!  I grew up in northern Michigan, became a loyal Michigan State University supporter, and claim the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island as my “favorite spot.”

I raised three children in Kalamazoo, Michigan.   Their father passed away when they were young, so the children and I forged together to carry on and do our best individually and for the family.  The result has been a close-knit family and three very successful children at work in the corporate world today.

My parents began coming to Naples in the 1980’s, and and on my visits, I grew to enjoy and appreciate the area for the arts, opportunities for personal growth, and, of course, the weather.  I pursued a job in education and educational training, which gave me the opportunity to travel and learn about Naples and the state of Florida.

  • How were you introduced to GNL?

When I moved to Naples in 2005, I received an inquiry from a member of GNL (a fellow alumni from my daughter’s college sorority), which led to my contact and friendship with an active member of GNL.  As time passed, we became more involved in volunteer organizations, boards, and social activities.  She encouraged me to investigate and pursue the application and submission for GNL membership.

  • How has GNL helped you become involved in the community?

I was fortunate to be admitted into Class XIII, which has truly been one of the most rewarding and gratifying experiences of my adult life.  GNL has supported my involvement in the community by forming relationships that promote volunteerism, friendship, cooperative efforts, and meaningful contributions to the community through the Arts and education.

  • What boards or activities are you involved with now?

Currently, I am a GNL Class XIII Representative and serve on the Board of Directors of the United Arts Council of Collier County (UAC).

  • What would you like to see GNL do in the future?

The future of Greater Naples Leadership depends on strong membership that continually and consistently contributes and supports the organization to promote internal strength and a strong commitment to our community, cultural diversity, and enrichment for community growth and development.

Listening to the needs, concerns, and ideas for growth from all of our members makes us all feel invested in the GNL Mission in our community.

Ann and her sister Sarah

Ann and her sister Sarah