Alumni Program

Graduation from GNL’s Masters Program is just the beginning!  Masters Class graduates are invited to extend their education and networking opportunities as members of a thriving alumni organization.

Alumni Opportunities for Continuing Education and Networking

Speaker Bob Levy of the CATO Institute with Carolyn Tieger (left) and Sandra Karaganis (right)

With regular input from the membership, a volunteer Alumni/Continuing Education Committee (ACE) creates a dynamic, engaging series of programs of newsworthy topics, balanced political views and local issues of concern that meet the needs of GNL alumni for continuing education on community issues.  Programs also encourage graduates’ broader and deeper involvement in community service, thereby strengthening their support for the mission of GNL.

A volunteer Alumni Networking Committee sponsors social events that encourage members to keep up with classmates and get to know our newest members.  Each graduating class has a volunteer “Class Rep” who functions as a coordinator to organize and plan class reunions or service projects that foster continued closeness within the class.

 Upcoming GNL ACE Speakers Include