Mission & History

Our Mission Statement

To provide proven leaders with a unique opportunity to learn firsthand about the issues and needs in Collier County and to encourage the use of their skills individually and collectively in bettering the community.

Our Community Support Policy

GNL is non-political and does not take positions on issues.  Rather, we seek to educate our members on the pros and cons of these issues so that they are better prepared to make their own decisions and commitments.  GNL does not solicit or provide funds or goods for other organizations.  The Board may include exceptions for one or more local nonprofits selected by the Community Service Committee to receive donations at the Annual Holiday Party.  The President may also use GNL funds to make a donation to a charity in memory of a deceased member.

GNL Then and Now

Greater Naples Leadership, Inc., was formed as a nonprofit in 1999 through the hard work and vision of several alumni who also established the organization’s mission.

There have been many changes over the years, but the original mission and concept  remain strong.  Class sizes have grown, the recruitment process has been refined, alumni programs have been enhanced, and community service is encouraged and pursued more aggressively.

The program has been a great success. Membership is a sought-after experience for many new residents as a way to quickly educate themselves with the facts and circumstances of life in Collier County. Our members are of the “give back” mentality, and GNL is a springboard for them to hit the ground running after the completion of the program.

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