Dear GNL Members,

As we reflect on our accomplishments during the 2023-2024 season, it is heartening to see that we had an exceptional year. We set new benchmarks for GNL, with record-breaking attendance at our events. Our Welcome Back party attracted registrations from over half of our members, the Forum on Civility in Collier County was attended in-person and online by 900 individuals, nearly a third of our membership participated in the AI course, and our social events were completely booked. We also witnessed substantial interest in our alumni education events and closed the year with an all-time high in membership numbers.
This vitality and relevance of GNL to our community are directly attributable to our members’ active engagement. This past year, we not only observed this energy but also our significant impact on our community, as many of our members volunteered in various capacities, aligning with our mission to foster positive change.
I want to extend my deepest gratitude to all our members for their contributions to making this year remarkably successful. I am particularly thankful to those who dedicated their time and effort to organize and manage our exceptional programs. Below, you’ll find a list of some of our volunteers at GNL. While this list may not be exhaustive, and I apologize to anyone unintentionally overlooked, it stands as a powerful illustration of the collective effort that has made GNL the esteemed organization it is.
As we transition to the 2024-2025 leadership team under the presidency of Donna Messer, I encourage all our members to remain engaged and continue to contribute to the success of GNL.

With gratitude for a great year,

Gunther Winkler
President 2023-2024


Albert Girod, Alice Gardner, Ann Cohn, Ann Horton, Anne Fleming, Art Treuhaft, Barbara Davin, Barbara Hurt-Simmons, Barbara Teaford, Becky Cutts, Becky McLennan, Beth Stein, Bill Hogan, Bill Swartz, Bill Zelin, Bob Peters, Caren Arnstein, Cathie Estey, Charlotte Luer, Cindy Ruddy, Craig Westbay, Dan Pomerleau, David Finch, David Ridenour, David Whittaker, Dean Lewis Lohman, Debbie Finch, Debbie Matthews Finch, Dick Woodbridge, Donna McGinnis, Donna Messer, Donna Suddeth, Eileen Connolly-Keesler, Elizabeth Strong, Ellen Granger, Eric Wallach, Fred Sasser, Geoff Murphy, Geri McCarthy, Ginny Veras, Giselle Wagner, Greg Wertheimer, Hal Hills, JR Philp, Jan Face–Glassman, Jan Guben, Jane Brown, Janet Hoffman, Jean Foster, Jeanne Bolds, Jen Walker, Jeremy Farmer, Jerry Godshaw, Jinny Johnson, Joan Sehdev, Joanne Hobin, Joanne Huskey, Joe Trachtenberg, John Kenny, Julie Wade, Karen Ryan, Karen Schneider, Kathryn Bettis, Kevin Barry, Kim Stephens, Kitty Keane, Larry Kahn, Lea Smith, Linda Cloman, Linda Noel, Linda Penniman, Lisa Casey, Lydia Clay, Lynn Martin, Lynn Nolan, Marilynne White, Mark Langer, Mark Schwab, Martha Rozman, Marty Tardy, Mary Beth Jones, Maura Delehanty, Melissa McClayton, Michael Finkel, Nancy Ribordy, Neal Gelfand, Pat Aiken-O’Neill, Patti Salvage, Paul Myerson, Paula McNulty, Peter Berry, RJ Weigel, Rob Funderberg, Robbie Weaver, Roger Sippey, Sandie Fleming, Steve Mason, Steve Teaford, Sue Dillon, Sue Reynen, Susan Eddy, Susan Vail, Susy Warren, Suzanne Reynen, Tammi Pittaro, Tim Diegel, Tom Farrington, Tom Jordan, Tom Leipzig, Tom McCann, Tom Sawyer, Tom Todd, Tom Wise.