“Without GNL, and the people I have come to know here, I am not sure I would have learned about the Shelter for Abused Women and Children and become a member of their Board of Trustees.”

If you are in a tough spot and need help, call Bette Aymar.  She is known around GNL as one who is always willing to step in and help out any way she can.

Since moving to Collier County a little over a decade ago, Bette has demonstrated a tenacious enthusiasm for approaching donors, sponsors and volunteers that has resulted in increased gifts for the organizations she serves.

Bette supports a myriad of nonprofit organizations, as a board member, committee member, or volunteer.

These include the League Club, Shelter for Abused Women & Children, Naples Garden Club, Trinity by the Cove’s Naples Art and Antiques Show, Naples Winter Wine Festival, The Conservancy, Naples Zoo, Classic Chamber Concerts, Fun Time Early Childhood Academy, Pelican Marsh Women’s League, and Community Foundation of Collier County, and more.  For Bette, no task is too small; no challenge is too big.  She states:  “I believe in stewardship and giving back—leaving things in better condition that I found them.” [Sheila Harris-Schutz, Class XIII]