In compliance with our nonprofit tax status, GNL must disclose certain business relationships between board members and personal interests of board members to the IRS on our annual tax filing.   In addition, GNL asks board members to agree to and abide by our conflict of interest and confidentiality policies. If you have questions with completing this document please call the GNL Office at (239) 300-7055.

Relationships Disclosure

Greater Naples Leadership must disclose certain business relationships between board members and personal interests of board members to the IRS on its annual tax filing. These relationships are defined by the IRS as follows:

Business Relationships Between Board Members

Two board members are considered to have a business relationship if they transact business in a contract of sale, lease, license, loan or performance of services during the tax year that involves transfers > $10,000 and that is not in the ordinary course of either party’s business and on terms available to the public.

Personal Interests of a Board Member with a Vendor or another Board

Personal interests are any substantial business holdings, transactions or affiliations between an entity that conducts business with GNL and the board member or his/her family. Family is defined as a spouse, ancestor, sibling, child, grandchild, great grandchild and the spouse of anybody previously listed. This includes other nonprofit boards on which you may sit.

Conflicts of Interest Policy

A conflict of interest exists when the personal or professional interests of a board member of GNL has the potential to affect his or her ability to be objective. Board members are likely to be affiliated with many organizations in their communities, both on a professional and a personal basis; therefore, it is not unusual for a conflict of interests to arise. This policy defines how GNL interprets a conflict of interest and what steps are expected to be taken to deal with such conflicts.

It is expected that no board member shall use his or her position, or knowledge gained there from, in such a manner that a conflict arises between the interests of GNL and any of its affiliates and his or her personal or professional interests. Each has the duty to place the interests of GNL foremost in any dealings on behalf of the organization and has a continuing responsibility to comply with this policy.

To comply with this policy, it is expected that:

• If a board (or a member of their immediate family) has an interest in a proposed transaction with GNL in the form of a significant personal or organizational financial interest in the transaction or holds a position as trustee, director, officer, or staff member in such organization, he or she must make full disclosure of such interest before any discussion or negotiation of such transactions (see Relationships Disclosure Form).

• Any board or committee member who has a conflict of interest with respect to any matter coming before the board or the committee shall not participate in any discussion of or vote in connection with the matter unless invited to respond to questions or provide factual information by the board or committee chair.

• Any board or committee member who gains privileged information by virtue of his or her role as a board or committee member shall not use that privileged information for personal or professional gain.

Annually, board members will be required to disclose any business (including those of their immediate family) or personal relationships between officers, trustees, key employees and vendors with whom GNL conducts business. A signature in the designated space on this policy will indicate the board members agreement to abide by this policy to the best of his or her ability.

Confidentiality Policy

Members of the GNL Board of Directors may be exposed to confidential information critical to the well-being of the organization. Therefore, it is the policy of GNL that board members may not disclose, divulge, or make accessible confidential information belonging to, or obtained through their affiliation with GNL to any person, including relatives, friends, and business and professional associates other than Directors and Officers of GNL. Board members shall use confidential information solely for the purpose of performing services as a director of GNL. This policy is not intended to prevent disclosure where disclosure is required by law.

Board members must exercise good judgement and care at all times to avoid unauthorized or improper disclosures of confidential information. In addition, board members should be sensitive to the risk of inadvertent disclosure via conversations in public places and the leaving of confidential information in areas where unauthorized persons may gain access. The GNL membership lists and directory, printed and electronic, are for the use of GNL members only and are not to be used for solicitation of any kind, or shared with any organization outside GNL.

I have read Greater Naples Leadership’s Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Policies and agree to abide by them to the best of my ability in my role as a board member.  I have also disclosed all business relationships and personal interests as described on the Relationships Disclosure Form.