Request a GNL Volunteer Through Our Website (30 Day Posting)

Your organization can jump-start the connection between our volunteers and your needs by filling out a short form. Once approved, your request will appear on this website for our members to view for 30 days from approval as well as in an upcoming issue of the GNL Connection (one issue).

CLICK HERE to access the form. 

Request a GNL Volunteer Through (30+ Day Posting)

Greater Naples Leadership has joined forces with Volunteer Collier, an internet based program of the United Way of Collier County, to help make Volunteer Collier the primary source for volunteer opportunities in Collier County.

If you are interested in requesting a GNL volunteer, we invite you to go to the Volunteer Collier website to place your request.  Your request will appear on a special page of the Volunteer Collier website for GNL members to access and consider.